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INC 2015

The Royal Institute of Navigation is holding the first of its International Navigation Conferences, INC 2015, in Manchester from 24-26 February 2015.

It will tackleĀ some of the biggest, most cutting-edge issues across all the domains of modern navigation: land, sea, air and space. It will highlight
the state of the art in fields like GNSS and Galileo, indoor positioning, autonomous transport, security and resilience of navigation in the world of cyber attacks, and new quantum technologies. The conference will be of special interest to the maritime, aviation, PNT, transport, research and development and security communities.

Sally Basker will be blogging and tweeting during the conference.

The Programme

A packed programme of international speakers will address today’s navigation challenges:

  • The future of indoor positioning – technological and societal challenges
  • Navigation under threat – security and resilience
  • Autonomy in transport systems
  • Multi-sensor integration
  • Quantum and new technologies
  • Navigation Now – emerging trends and current challenges, and
  • Multi-Constellation GNSS

Free Tutorials

The University of Nottingham will beĀ giving two tutorials (free to conference delegates) on Monday 23rd February:

  • Principles of Global Navigation Satellite Systems for Navigators.
  • Robust GNSS.

Learn More and Book

Visit the INC 2015 website to learn more and book today.

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