Get to GRIPS with GPS Jammers

For governments, companies and individuals, a structured risk management solution for GPS jammers and other outages.

The Problem

  • ‘Inherently weak’ GPS / GNSS signals.
  • Their widespread use.
  • The impact of GPS jammers and other outages.
  • The loss of traditional skills.
 Source: UK Government National Space Security Policy, 2014.


  • Different GPS jammer and outage classes.
  • Business-related risk assessment.
  • Develops proportionate and cost-effective strategy.
  • Produces implementation blueprint.
GRIPS: GPS jammer Risk Identification, assessment and Planning System

RIN INC15 Presentation

This is a preliminary video of the GRIPS presentation that I gave at the Royal Institute of Navigation’s INC2015 conference in Manchester on 25th February 2015.

I’ll be uploading better quality version with sound shortly as well as completing the White Paper for download.

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